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Top Paid NFL Players

When we talk of wages, we look at Hollywood stars and their salaries that are worth millions. However today we want to take a different stance. We want to look at the top paid NFL players. We guarantee that you that their salaries will shock you.

Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is the top paid NFL player. His four-year contract gives him a whopping $134 million. His salary and bonuses annually give him at least $66 million. Not forgetting the endorsements that give him another $9million. Other than then being a quarterback, his off-field partners include Adidas, State Farm, Prevea Health Care to mention but a few.Did you know that you can start betting on sports such as NFL players, your favourite teams and many more.  The State Farm deal is one of the richest endorsements in the sport. That explains how and why he makes so much.

Jimmy Garoppolo: San Francisco 49ers

From the San Francisco 49ers, we have Jimmy Garoppolo as part of the top paid NFL players. His 5-Year contract gives him approximately $137 million. Garoppolo won his first five stars for the team after a midseason trade from the Patriots. Jimmy also has a deal with Nike’s Jordan, giving a few extra millions off the field. It seems the quarterbacks are making a truckload of money.

One tends to wonder what they would be able to do with so much money. Maybe stop for a few minutes and play a few american casinos with hopes of doubling the money by winning the jackpot. On the other hand, just spend the money? Anyways, since we are just NFL players, we might as a place real money bets.

Khalil Mack: Chicago Bears

The linebacker from the Chicago bears seems to make quite a lot too. His salary and bonuses give him a massive $41 million. While his endorsements offer him about $750, 000.  Mack did at one win the Defensive Player of the Year that would explain why he is worth so much. He was paid $141Million over a 6-year contract. Thus making him one of the most paid players of all time.

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